The vampire of the Borinage & the butcher of Jutland



(Raoul Vaneigem and J.V. Martin, the purifiers of the S.I.)

“In strategy, they believe in the frontal attack – without taking count of losses. They do not seem to realise that by making a frontal attack without sufficient support they play the game of the enemy and devastate their own forces.”

Nashist declaration of Stockholm (August 1962) [1].

“Our mandate as representatives of the proletarian party, we take only from ourselves; but it is countersigned by the exclusive and universal hatred dedicated to us by every faction and party of the old world.”

Marx, letter to Engels, 18 May 1859.


[1] ‘Nashism’ was named after Jorgen Nash who was, by January 1963, an ex-member of the S.I. In the previous year he had conspired with Jacqueline de Jong and Ansgar Elde after the exclusion of the Spur artists in February. Deprived of their main base of support in the group, Nash, alongside of de Jong and Elde, transformed their previous formal support for the exclusions into a desperate bid to rescue their primarily artistic conception of the S.I. that had been definitively consigned to the trash heap of history. So they invented a conspiracy, lied about the date of their public opposition (post-dating their notice of opposition from 15 March to 13 February, i.e. two days after the conference at which the exclusions were voted had concluded), and further lied about the composition of the S.I.’s Central Council (or worse, were perhaps ignorant of its composition). By their actions they effectively excluded themselves from the group. More information about these events can be found in the first and last sections of Situationist News from the seventh issue of the S.I.’s journal, available in English translation here. The official definition of Nashism can be found here. A complete translation of the accompanying article, The Counter-Situationist Operation in Diverse Countries, which details the sorry tale of the trajectory of Nashists after their exclusion from the S.I. can be found here.

First published in Internationale Situationniste no. 8, January 1963. Translated from the French by Anthony Hayes, January 2013.  A scan of the original from page 10 of IS no. 8 is available here.

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