Never Wark!

Another link, this time to Les Amis de Némésis and their wonderful critique of Wark’s latest labour as yet another moment of the market récupération of the revolutionary critique of the Situationist International:

How can celebrity be stopped once it has started? (translated by Not Bored!)

This page contains a link to my review of Wark’s dreadful 2011 book on the Situationists:

No useless commentaries! or, McKenzie Wark’s worthless work

Once I’ve had time to ingest Wark’s latest offering I will turn my hand to a considered assessment of what one can only imagine is his continued misapprehension of what the Situationist project was and is. So far he has dedicated three books to this miserable labour. I managed to get the first one in electronic form relatively cheap (the partial price of an internet connection), but sadly I had to fork out for a hard copy of the second book. One wonders how to avoid adding to the surplus extracted by Wark and Verso inc. in the name of progress and the dream of state-socialism.

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