Wark will set you free


The intellectual wark-camps of the future (aka “universities” etc.), will, no doubt, produce other undertakers of the Situationist project as they will produce more autopsies of once living revolutionary contestation.

We have attacked McKenzie Wark not in order to mindlessly denigrate him. Rather we have attacked him for working against the continuation of the revolutionary project of the Situationist International (SI). Such a project is not and never has been the sole province of Situationists; they were just a particularly coherent example, developing the project under modern conditions and clearly exposing the adversaries we face.

Wark is preeminently concerned with cataloging the Situationists; and even at this task he is not particularly good (see my review of his 2011 effort). With the latest addition to the canonization of a false memory of the SI he also had the temerity to pass of a design for a doll of Guy Debord as implicitly a critique of the commodity-spectacle. Apart from the assertions of himself and his loudest boosters, we still await justification of such mysterious claims.

And so communiques from the anti-wark front continue:

From thenameofthisfanzineiscensored


From Not Bored!

And a definition…


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