[from Internationale Situationniste no. 9,  August 1964]

As none of the Situationists have a taste for the gardens of the Palais Royal to the extent of promenading there each day between midday and one, editors, patrons, film producers etc., can contact us by writing to Post Office Box 75-06 in Paris.

Whether it is through pure selflessness, or in anticipation of super-profits related to certain smart investments, we do not see here an obstacle. Just know that we will not discuss in any way the content — or form — of our books, journals, films, or works of any kind, whose complete freedom only the S.I. can account for.

First published in Internationale Situationniste no. 9,  August 1964, p. 48. Translated from the French by Anthony Hayes, July 2013.

Updated 7 July 2013

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