“The ruthless criticism of everything that exists”

A follow up to some discussion generated on Facebook in response to my earlier blog post ‘You Are Here’.

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He Knows

A friend posted a link to my blog post (and leaflet) You Are Nowhere on Facebook a few days ago. Many people commented on it. Below I will attempt to respond to some of the comments that emerged in the Facebook discussion. I’m not on Facebook so thanks to those who posted and defended or explained my arguments, and who also passed on this discussion.

Why did I write You Are Nowhere? I wrote ‘You Are Nowhere’ in order to present the related story of the Aktion Surreal group and the occupation of the ANU Chancelry in 1994. As opposed to the leaflets I put out in 2011 and 2012, which both directly criticized the You Are Here festival, I chose to offer a story from Canberra’s past. Indeed I believe that Aktion Surreal (hereafter AS) offers some insight into possible alternatives of artistic practice and presentation. But as…

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