Wither NFTSQ?


It has been a while since my last post. I have been distracted by writing up my thesis (amongst other things). I have also wondered about the role of this blog. Initially I set it up to support my research into the Situationist International, but more importantly to help circulate their work and the work of others who contribute to the critical rejection of the society of the commodity-spectacle. Perhaps it is superfluous to restate this but I find it important at this time. As the crisis called ‘capitalism’ deepens and becomes more distressing by the day I need to remind myself that there is a point to circulating ideas that can help us understand this world and transform it. Personally I have become so bogged down in the process of research and writing – a process that necessarily skirts the shoals of recuperation under present conditions – I need to remind myself of the purpose of my research: to contribute to the revolutionary transformation of the world and of life. Anything else is at best mere window dressing for alienation and defeat.

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