New article by NOT BORED!


“Some people die of asphyxiation right away – like Eric Garner. It didn’t take but a minute for that cop to choke him to death.

“Other people die of asphyxiation slowly – actually, the whole world is slowly choking to death – most of us in the industrialized countries can’t breathe because the air is poisoned by the emissions of automobiles, factories and power plants.

“I, too, am dying slowly – of loneliness. Of being alienated from an alienated world.”


“[…] I hate protesting – though it is always good to breathe the same air (to conspire) with people who feel and think as I do.”


“You can’t convince murderous sadists to stop killing: it isn’t just the content of their thoughts; it’s the whole way their libido has been conditioned, the way their “character structures” have been built.”

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