A minor détournement – and King Communism!



king communism – poster 10

“Be unreasonable, demand the possible.”

The graffiti from Paris, May 1968, the words “Soyons réalistes, exigeons l’impossible” are also, apparently, the words of Che Guevara, guerrilla and sometime state socialist bureaucrat from Bolivia, Cuba and Argentina. The slogan was always a bit stupid, more management speak of the armed civil servant than the “radical subject” of revolutionary transformation. And so the path from the dreary terror of guerrilla “socialism” to the global boredom and horrors of neo-liberalism; a tired old relic of the post-war boom used to justify the commodified memory of the 1960s.

Much like Hegel the phrase needs to be turned on its head in order to speak sense.

I am sick of being reasonable. The agents of capitalist society don’t care if you are reasonable or unreasonable, they just want you to work, buy or go away.

In the face of the ‘rational’ organisation of capitalist irrationality be unreasonable. Be unreasoanble in the sense of refusing to accept the bullshit ‘arguments’ that justify our slavery to the wage and the rich. This is the reasonable path, the refusal of the lies, falsehoods, humiliations and spectacle we continue to consume.

We must struggle to do away with the vast alienation of human life and potential. We must demand the eminently possible – for a community of freely associated individuals!

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