Cuadernos de Negación – Against the Valorization of Life – Part I

Cuadernos de Negación (Notebooks of Negation) are a collective based in Rosario, Argentina. So far the majority of their important work remains unavailable in English, though there are some other translations available here and here. Fortunately the ediciones inéditos collective have translated the first half of the 11th issue of the journal Cuadernos de Negación (see below). The second part will follow shortly.

bannerWe have decided to undertake the task of translation the whole of CUARDERNOS DE NEGACIÓN11th issue (May 2018), entitled “Contra la valorización de la vida” (tr. Against the valorization of life). Here we present the first part of our translation. What follows is their work. All footnotes are from CUADERNOS unless otherwise noted. We feel this issue functions as a great way to introduce value-form theory to those adverse to critiques using Marxian categories since CUADERNOS do not use them to merely prop up notions of the dictatorship of the proletariat, or better management of production, or arguments for a transitional stage to communism: instead they show themselves to be clearly for the wholesale abolition of capitalism along with the features which weigh on those of us who are proletarians: work, our basic needs converted into commodities, wage-labor, general impoverishment, alienation and the general abstraction of…

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