The Sinister Science


I have started a new blog over at the sinister science. There I will continue to write about situationists and critical theory and practice, but with the added focus of science fiction. Yep, that’s right, the barely repressed science fictional nature of Notes from the Sinister Quarter in full flower.

Since I finished my PhD in 2017 I have been somewhat adrift–and not always in the dialectically positive situationist sense. When I was considering dropping out of my PhD program many years ago I toyed with the idea of turning my thesis from a critique of the situationists to a critique of written science fiction–in particular, the transformations and even avant-garde posturings of sf during the twenty years after the end of the Second World War. Now, on the back of a more comprehensive, though far from exhaustive exposure to the published sf of this period, I am keen to explore the intersections of science fiction with the critical and revolutionary theory and practice that emerged during the same time. And so, the sinister science

I will still update Notes from the Sinister Quarter from time to time, particularly if I ever finish the various–and far from finished–translations I have underway. But mostly I will be posting to the sinister science.

So see you there.

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