The new politics?



I designed this image for an imaginary zine called ANTIANTIPOETRYPOETRY dated 1 March 2016. That means it’s been sitting in my dropbox since at least then, maybe a bit before. I called it “the new politics”.

There is little new in Trump’s playbook. Sure the details have changed. Technology has rolled on, capitalism has developed across the globe. If Trump is not a fascist, in the classical sense, then maybe he is a new type of fascist? Or emblematic of a softening of “mainstream” politics for fascism?

Fascism is a form of capital’s rule, one exception in what is already a too long exception.

Is this a new politics? Hardly. A (new) anti-politics? But politics has always been anti. It is the reduction of something to something, the rendering identical of an abstract capacity, whether as a citizen or refugee, worker or consumer.

The politics of the nation state is the work of capital, the figure of the wage-slave become the wooden puzzle and product, the dream of the utterly equivalent. The perfect subject to be organised, catalogued, integrated, empowered, and turned against one another, all under the sign of the free individual–surely a less interesting mythos than that of Cthulhu.

Be careful you masks of capital. To unleash the rule of the universal so violently and restrictively raises the question, why this measure and this life?

The shuddering wonder of it.

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